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White Wines

White Wines – Sweet

Freezeland White – Tropical Guava, ripe citrus and light mango all merge on the aroma only to be reinforced on the palate with notes of confectioners sugar, cotton candy and coconut.    Sit on a mountaintop, with deep soils, while sipping and dreaming of the tropics.

White Wines – Semi-Dry

2018 Blue Mountain Mist: A floral style wine that burst with juicy fruit and ripe tropical fruit flavors aromatically. A pineapple and sliced mango flavor accent the tropical fruit basket mélange finishing off with a twist of citrus. A lip smacking gorgeous wine.

2017 Riesling: Rose petals, mature honeysuckle and ripe star fruit resonate with opulent clarity aromatically.  The classy vibrant dry flavors are supported by a focused pleasant chalky minerality that slowly re-takes a path to the dominant juicy fruit flavors.  Outstandingly complex Riesling.

2017 Pinot Gris: An Alsatian style Pinot Gris that starts with nuances of rich nectar and fresh spring blossoms.  Focused ripe lemon, citrus and Asian pear unfold.  A fruit base and a flinty undertone expressing our grape-growing mountainous region evolve.  Just a touch of residual sugar balances this gem of a wine.  Lean; clean, elegant and refined.

White Wines – Dry

2018 Pinot Grigio:  Honey nectar, crushed peach skins and spring blossoms exude aromatically.  The palate is refreshingly dry, austere and zippy on the palate. An elegant wine with a deep richness and minerality about it.

2017 FMV Oak Chardonnay: Bake white peach pie and loads of ripe tangerine gently mesh with a deep rich Muscat character often found with golden ripe Chardonnay.  Then a nice lingering oak finish from sur-lie aging broadens the palate and lingers on.   Pleasing classic Chardonnay flavors with a long and clean satisfying finish.  Enjoy chilled in a big bowl glass.