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White Wines


2021 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay: This is an elegant and rich Chardonnay with soft aromas of ripe peach, crushed pear and alluring butterscotch on the nose. The palate structure is full, rich and round expressing fresh mango, pineapple, dried apricots and a delicate sprinkle of premium toasty oak.  

2022 Pinot Grigio: You will get aromas of honeydew, whispers of grapefruit with fresh summertime rose petals and a slight lustrous flinty wet slate.  The flavors, with zesty acidity, are dry with hints of unsweetened orange marmalade, pear and a lingering regal minerality.  This awesome Pinot Gris is non-demanding, smooth and creamy with just the right amount of balance and flavor. 

2022 Le Renard Gris: There are initial pleasant fragrances of crushed peach skins, ripe pineapple and awesome honeysuckle blossoms. The fruit forward palate brings an added pleasurable and refreshing element of the tropics with layers of star fruit, banana and even a coconut nuance twist.  This is an elegant, balanced, ripe, dry and refreshing gem.

2022 Vidal Blanc: Our Vidal Blanc has a base aroma of fresh honeydew accented by flinty aspects and a Chablis styled minerality. Flirtations of honeysuckle come and go while competing with some granny smith apple flavors. This is a dry Vidal with a nice firm acidity and a mouthwatering finish.

2023 Unoaked Chardonnay: This stainless Chardonnay has lively aromas of white peach, grapefruit rind, melons and a faint white pepper. Flavors on the palate are pineapple, peach and silky star fruit. This is a fruit forward Chardonnay balanced nicely on the palate with just a touch of residual sweetness. Soft, opulent, fruity and with all the purity of the regal Chardonnay grape.


Blue Mountain Mist: Opulent, bright mango aromas with subtle rose petals and a faint sweet lemon rind nuance that follows aromatically.  The palate is delicate and super clean with a star fruit and honeyed peach that pushes past the mango.   Refreshing, clean, balanced and very enjoyable.


Freezeland White:  This is baklava in a wine glass. Honey tones graced with a touch of gently toasted pie crust. Passion fruit, peach and orange blossoms combine together for a perfect flavor experience. There are nice tropical fruit tones balanced by a delicate sweetness wrap this into an awesome everyday friendly wine.