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Red Wines

Red Wines – Sweet

Freezeland Red:
Boysenberry, ripe cherries and stewed plums unveil aromatically.  There is a pleasing nice red stone fruit palate with just the perfect sweetness balance in this wine.  Celebration and relaxation in a bottle!  Enjoy and relax.

Red Wines – Semi-Dry

2018 Sunset Red: Our Fun wine.  Delicate bing cherry, strawberry and light raspberry with a touch of honey pop out foremost in this fun wine.  A kiss of oak and a spark of residual sugar accent and round out this wine wonderfully.  Sit back, sip and enjoy!

2017 Chambourcin:
Rich viscous blackberry dominate with nuances of raspberry and an elegant hearty blueberry tone.  Concentrated ripe stewed fruits flavors kick in to include ripe plums and figs. Then the beautiful smooth oak sneaks in and Voila!  Deep, hearty and an extremely rewarding bottle of wine!

Red Wines – Dry

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon:
Don’t you just love a nice sturdy well-made and aged Bordeaux styled Cabernet?  Nice stewed Damsons and ripe crushed blueberry compete with oak in the background.  The rich assemblage delivers a powerful palate of fruit, chocolate and bold tannins with a touch of cassis.  Outstanding and very pleasant!

2016 FMV Cabernet Franc: Delicate, elegant and savory.  A sweetness on the palate of ripe fruit and not sugar.  Ripe and jammy.  A nice firm palate grip of tannins with just the right acid and alcohol balance.  A delightful and fruit forward wine.

2016 Le Renard Rouge: Another one of our oracles and 2016 was a great year for us (and you!).  That signature deep mountain grown fruit aroma [a certain tightness with expansive room to open].  Swirl and smell.  Clean, deep, rich, alluring, Bordeaux like wine well above extraordinary!  The Pauillac region comes to mind with this wine.

Award winning Library Wines are also available from previous vintages, please contact the winery for information on these wines.